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Noticias Mundiais Marketing Digital These General Terms and Conditions of Use of Blog Noticias Mundiais reflect the way our services – Infoproducts, are presented to our users and which laws, regulations or policies are applied.

The Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, E-mail Marketing Terms of Use, and SMS Terms of Use available at the domain: www.noticiasmundiais.com.br apply globally to this Term and to the use of the Blog.

It is important to note that regardless of any data provided by the User in the QUIZ, NOTICIAS MUNDIAIS DOES NOT INTERFERE in any process involving the analysis or approval of credit offered by partners, so that the final decision to carry out any business, granting of credit or offer is exclusive and also according to their criteria, credit and risk policies.

CLARIFICATIONS What do we expect from you? Transparency, clarity, responsibility and respect when using our services; What can you expect from us? Respect, clarity, honesty, responsibility in accessing and providing our service (Infoproducts) with absolute transparency – whether in these terms or in accessing information. What can you expect from our content (Infoproducts)? Newsletters with general tips related to the markets; finance and investments, which can present services and offers, directed by our partners, to improve the financial life.

DEFINITIONS “USER” is any individual – 18 (eighteen) years of age or older, the sole holder and bearer of an electronic address, valid and registered on a platform – PROVIDER; that supports the electronic correspondence service (E-MAIL), and also, sole holder and bearer of a valid telephone number registered in Brazil – in any of the operators authorized by ANATEL – National Telecommunications Agency, both provided by the same in our “QUIZ”, through a social network – Facebook or Instagram.

“QUIZ”, is the platform (service/technology/API) used, through the User’s consent, to collect data, such as name, electronic address (e-mail), telephone number, and life-oriented estimates User’s finances.

“INFOPRODUTOS” – Newsletters and general tips on the financial market and services to improve financial life, from our partners in the same field and also in the investment sector.

“E-MAIL MARKETING” – is the platform (service/technology/API) that shoots Infoproducts and comprises any and all situation or agreement in which Blog Noticias Mundiais, authorized by the User; sends one or more text messages to a given email address provided in the “QUIZ”.

“SERVICE OF TEXT MESSAGES – SMS”, is the platform (service/technology/API) that triggers Infoproducts and comprises any situation or agreement in which Blog Noticias Mundiais, authorized by the User; sends one or more text messages to a given phone number provided in the “QUIZ”.

“OPT-IN” refers to registering, subscribing, requesting, agreeing and consenting to receiving one or more electronic messages from our team.

“NOTICIAS MUNDIAIS” means the Blog that manages the sending of E-MAILS with the contents of Infoproducts.

ACCESS Blog Noticias Mundiais provides links – by sending messages (SMS or E-mail Marketing) to its domain (www.noticiasmundiais.com.br), for Users, who, in turn, accessing the domain (www. noticiasmundiais.com.br), may be directed to other sites related to the financial and investment market. In which the User may, by free and spontaneous decision, contract the services or products of the respective companies, without any interference from Blog Noticias Mundiais.

The User, when reading and accessing the site, AGREES to respect the General Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as all other terms (SMS and E-mail Marketing) and Privacy Policy mentioned above.

The User, when registering through our “QUIZ”, providing his information – name, email address and telephone number, and “ACTIVATING” the receipt of our Info-product services, agrees and accepts the conditions of these terms.


If the User is redirected to the partner website page, the User must READ CAREFULLY all the information provided by the User, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Partner’s privacy policy.

We emphasize that Blog Noticias Mundiais has no responsibility: for the general terms and conditions of use and privacy policy of the partners; about the information about the services and products advertised by them; about the services and products eventually offered or contracted from partner companies.

The User must maintain good practices regarding information security in the context of navigation and access to the Internet: accessibility through secure equipment, antivirus and software updates and a secure network.

Blog Noticias Mundiais is not responsible for any losses and damages resulting from the user’s irregular use regarding the use and navigation on the Blog, and from acts of God or force majeure.

Blog Noticias Mundiais does not send or request deposits or bank transfers for the granting or approval of any financial product.

Blog Noticias Mundiais does not send emails or SMS to the User with executable attachments (for example: .exe, .scr, .zip, .rar extensions), nor links for downloads and if you receive one, DO NOT click on it the attachment and let us know through the blog itself.

Without prejudice to the other provisions of these Terms of Use, the User IS PROHIBITED from violating any third party rights when using the Noticias Mundiais Blog, using the blog with the aim of monitoring or harassing third parties; practice fraudulent, illegal, dishonest or improper activities in the use of the website.

We value the “unique” relationship with our USERS, therefore, these terms are conditioned to the USER’s waiver of composing any CLASS ACTION, even if the USER disagrees in part or in whole of these terms, we will present the ARBITRATION solution (Law n. 9,307 of 1996) antecedent to any judicial solution.


The User has this service to solve all their doubts, solve any problems and present complaints or other information about the infoproducts made available by Blog Noticias Mundiais, exercise their rights in relation to the data provided, through the website itself in its “CONTACT” tab

However, if you prefer, REVOKE your consent regarding the treatment and storage of the data provided, you can contact the DPO (Data Manager: Suamy M. Nascimento) by sending a message to the email address [email protected]


These Terms must be interpreted and understood according to the Portuguese Language and its meaning.

The legislation applicable in this contract will be the one that fits and is in force in Brazil, in conflicts between the USER and Blog de Infoprodutos (Noticias Mundiais), it will follow the order of preference to Law n.º 9.307 of 1996 – Arbitration, safeguarding the provisions of Law No. 8,078 of 1990 – Consumer Protection Code.

In case of refusal in the composition of the Arbitration for the resolution of conflicts with the USER, the forum to settle any judicial conflicts will be the city of Belo Horizonte – MG.


By agreeing to receive our Infoproducts service, you accept the conditions for the collection, processing and storage of your data – name, email address, telephone number, regulated by the General Data Protection Law –