Former Twitter Executives File Lawsuit Against Elon Musk

A group of former Twitter executives, including the ex-CEO Parag Agrawal, have initiated legal action against Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur who acquired Twitter in a monumental deal, now known as X, alleging that they have not received over $128 million in severance payments promised to them. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, marks the latest development in a series of legal battles surrounding Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform.

Background of the Dispute

The dispute stems from the acquisition of Twitter by Musk, who took control of the company, renaming it X, over a year ago. Shortly after the acquisition, Musk terminated several high-ranking executives, including Agrawal, former CFO Ned Segal, former Chief Legal Officer Vijaya Gadde, and former General Counsel Sean Edgett. The lawsuit alleges that Musk fired these executives without valid reasons and subsequently withheld their severance payments as an act of retaliation.

“The lawsuit alleges that Musk declined to make the severance payments as a form of ‘revenge’ against the executives after he was forced to go through with the $44 billion acquisition deal, which he had spent months trying to get out of.” Source/ Internet.


According to the complaint, Musk refused to honor the severance agreements, citing baseless claims of “gross negligence” and “willful misconduct” on the part of the terminated executives. The lawsuit contends that Musk’s actions were motivated by a desire for revenge after he was compelled to proceed with the acquisition deal, which he had reportedly attempted to avoid.

The former executives argue that Musk’s termination letters failed to provide evidence to support the allegations of misconduct, and they assert that the reasons cited by Musk did not meet the criteria for “cause” under the severance agreements. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Musk’s decision to withhold the severance payments violated federal labor laws and constituted a breach of contract.

Legal Proceedings and Previous Lawsuits

This lawsuit is not the first legal action brought against Musk and X in connection with the acquisition of Twitter. Earlier legal challenges included a lawsuit filed by a former Twitter human resources leader seeking class action status and additional severance benefits for former employees. Additionally, Musk and X have faced allegations of failing to pay annual bonuses to employees laid off after the acquisition.

Agrawal, Gadde, and Segal previously sued Musk to recover more than $1 million in legal fees owed to them, which they claimed were incurred during legal disputes related to the acquisition. The court ruled in favor of the former executives, ordering X to pay the outstanding legal fees.

“The former executives argue that Musk’s termination letters failed to provide evidence to support the allegations of misconduct, and they assert that the reasons cited by Musk did not meet the criteria for ‘cause’ under the severance agreements.” Source/ Internet.

Biographical Account as Evidence

The lawsuit references an anecdote from a biography of Musk, which purportedly describes his strategy to expedite the closure of the Twitter acquisition to circumvent the payment of severance benefits to the terminated executives. The biography suggests that Musk aimed to prevent the executives from resigning before the acquisition was finalized, thereby avoiding substantial severance costs.

Legal Implications

The legal battle between the former Twitter executives and Musk highlights the complexities and challenges associated with high-profile corporate acquisitions. As the case unfolds, it will shed light on the extent of Musk’s obligations to the terminated executives and could have broader implications for labor law and corporate governance.

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