Bankamerican card: Benefits and Advantages

If you are interested in the Bankamerican card, we recommend that you get to know with us the advantages and disadvantages of joining. This service is among the most sought after by the institution’s clients and we are going to show you why.

Remembering that Bank of America is one of the largest American financial institutions and has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition, the bank is considered the second largest bank holding company within the United States.

In the list that was recently released by Forbes Magazine, this banking institution appears as the third largest company in the world. Therefore, it is a reliable institution with a solid structure in the financial market, revealing that it is worth adhering to its services, as is the case with credit cards.

Bankamerican card benefits and advantages

There are good reasons to bet on a credit card like this. Our website was personally researching what were the positive points of joining this service and we identified the following advantages and benefits:

Bankamerican card
  • If you already have an account with this bank, you can apply for a credit card 100% online;
  • The credit card comes with the Mastercard brand, with wide worldwide acceptance and a program of advantages;
  • Take advantage of Online and Mobile Banking to ask questions whenever you need to;
  • The card comes with contact payment technology;
  • If the bank detects any fraud on your credit card, it has an advanced security system;
  • FICO Score.
  • Among other exclusive bank benefits.


Minimum Income

This amount will depend exclusively on the modality that you request at the bank when contracting the credit card.


According to information provided by the banking institution, this card does not charge any type of annual fee to use it.


The credit card provides national and international coverage services. Everything will depend exclusively on the modality you will choose.


The Bankamerican card credit card is available at the institution under the Mastercard brand. This will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of this brand, which include wide acceptance in the national and international territory, in addition to taking advantage of the brand’s advantages program.


If you want to have greater control over your financial life and your credit card expenses, you can download the bank application via Google Play or the APP Store. Both stores make the app available for free download.

With it properly installed on your cell phone, you will log in as a bank account holder and not only have access to your credit card bill, but also take care of the transactions made and enjoy the other services that the app has.

Contact Phone

If you have any questions regarding this credit card, or if you want to criticize it, you can contact the bank’s call center at the following number: 800.221.6650

Bankamerican card

Now leave your comment below, highlighting what you found most interesting about the Bankamerican card. Is it a service that meets your daily financial needs? Would you like to join this card? Comment!


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